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Topics Covered in this Session:

Don previews a whitelabeled GetFiveStars sales script and discusses strategies on how to explain the value and need of reputation management to business owners.

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Notes for the Session:


Please watch the recording above first!

Quote of the Session: Encourage Happy Customers!.



Intro Video

White-labeled Video:



All of our UserGuide images are non-branded – feel free to use any of them:



White-labeled Powerpoint:


Sales Script

Please find below the Sales Script that can be used with the Slides or by itself. You can edit, publish and redistribute the script freely.

Script in PDF format. Copy/Paste into Word or other text editor to edit.


Flowchart – How does GetFiveStars work?

How does GetFiveStars Work? White-label Flowchart.


GetFiveStars Additional Resources

You can find additional resources as well as links to previous classes and recordings on the topic of reputation management here.

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