Live Q&A November 10th, 2011


Topics Covered in Live Q&A November 10th:


  • Google+ Business Pages
  • Video for small businesses
  • Rich Snippets (hCard, Author, hReview)

External Links and Resources:

additional resources

Google+ Business Pages:

Differences between Facebook and Google+ pages:


Video for Small Business:

Christina’s series on Expand2Web:


Rich Snippets:

This page uses hReview:
How to set up Rel=Author
Rich Snippets Testing Tool:
Google Rich Snippets Tips and Tricks:
Rich Snippets example in search results:
Microformats Add-In for Google Chrome:



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One Response to “Live Q&A November 10th, 2011”

  1. When we were comparing Google+ Business Pages and Facebook Pages last night, one question that came up was can I control the Facebook PhotoStrip on my Facebook Page like I can in Google+ Business Pages?

    The answer is no, but there are some things you can do. While you can’t control the order that the images show up, you can design them in a way that they still make sense no matter what order they are in.

    This article provides some really nice examples of companies that have super-cool looking PhotoStrips on the Facebook Pages, and provides you with a Photoshop template for creating your own!