Online Reputation Building – Hype or Reality


Topics Covered in Session 1:


  • Why online reviews are important for local search
  • Best practices for collecting reviews
  • Common Business owner Rejections
  • Solutions

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Notes for the Session:


Please watch the recording above first!

Quote of the Session: Online Reviews are becoming a “must have” for every business.



Why Online Reviews are a “Must Have” for Businesses

  • 95% of all consumers surveyed by BrightLocal have used the Internet to find Local Businesses.
  • 8/10 customers will not hire a service or buy a product without checking online reviews.
  • 79% trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.


Online Reviews are also helping websites and businesses by:

  1. Ranking higher in Local Search Results
  2. Click-through conversions increase
  3. Sales Conversions increase
  4. Competitive Advantage
  5. Referrals


Best practices to get online reviews and testimonials

  • Proactively ask your best customers
  • Make it easy for customers to leave Reviews!
  • Show Reviews on your website (The reviews need to be coded in format)
  • Respond to bad and good reviews (use as an example of your commitment to customer service)


Business Owners Fears and Rejections of getting into Online Reviews

  • Too expensive
  • Not sure where to Start
  • I don’t need online reviews
  • Not enough time and too complicated
  • I don’t have my customers email adress
  • I am afraid of bad or negative reviews

…wait a moment that sounds almost like the same excuses Small Business owners had for not wanting or having a website! :-)


Quick Guide: Responding to Rejections

  • Too expensive: Retaining or gaining just one customer a month will pay for reputation management.
  • Not sure where to Start: Huge opportunity here if you are a consultant! Help the Business owners set-up a online testimonial capturing process.
  • I don’t need online reviews: You Mr. Business owner are loosing customers as we speak. See lists further up on the page for why reviews matter.
  • Not enough time and too complicated: Fair point it does seem a little overwhelming. It is possible to set up a custom contact form to capture testimonials and to manually enter Testimonials and Reviews into a Website. However, this may not be time or cost effective. Let alone the technical hurdle of getting the code correctly to have Google recognize the content as Reviews. It might be better to use a Reputation Management tool like which is perfect for the business owner and the consultant alike.
  • I don’t have my customers email adress: That’s OK. Many businesses don’t have email addresses for their customers. This is a great time to start collecting them. GetFiveStars works great on mobile devices like iPhone, Android phones, iPads, etc. so you can just add the customer’s name and email address right while they are in your office.

    Some companies just use a clipboard, and ask their customers to add their name and email address after their visit. Ultimately this depends on the type of business you have, but collecting email addresses from your customers is a best practice for any business, and can lead to better customer relationships and more repeat business. .

    GetFiveStars also provides a short direct feedback “URL” unique to your business, which is found under “Account -> Business Detail”. The URL can be added to printed media, invoices, bills, tabs, receipts, business cards, QR codes, SMS etc – and does not require you to know the customers email or name.

  • I am afraid of bad or negative reviews: Embrace Negative Reviews! No seriously. Negative Reviews Can Help Your Business. Potential customers tend not to trust an all 5 star review rating.

    Negative Reviews are a golden opportunity! Look at who places the worst review next to the best review. Negative reviews can even create loyalty from people who had a good experience and make them more inclined to leave a review on their own.

    • Negative Reviews create trust and credibility
    • Negative Reviews provide you feedback on how to improve your service, product and/or offerings.
    • Negative Reviews can improve your SEO
    • Negative Reviews often trigger people to leave positive reviews


Where to go from here?

After working with hundreds of small businesses Don and Thomas created the review management and customer relation tool they always wished they had. The tool was build in conjunction with SEO and Reviews Expert Mike Blumenthal. is designed to let a small business or an agency working on their behalf easily implement a customer feedback/review management process based on tried and true best practices.

The product automatically requests and tracks feedback, prevents bad reviews, pushes testimonials out to the business website and encourages happy customers to leave reviews across the Internet.


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