Replacing the Visual Text Box with an HTML Text Box


Important: Advanced tutorial – you must have HTML and some PHP knowledge!


The following tutorial will change any text area in the “SmallBiz Original” or “SmallBiz Dynamic Theme” Options Panel into pure HTML.

Our theme support is limited to Theme usage questions only. Use the following at your own discretion. Make a backup first!

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1) Log into the site and identify which of the Layouts the site is using.

2) Use an FTP Client to access the WordPress install

3) Navigate to the Layouts folder.

Example: “All in One” Layout. Filepath: …wp-content/themes/smallbiz/layouts/allinone

4) Open the “functions_layout.php” file.

5) The File will list all text boxes.


6) Replace the existing TinyMCE text box code which looks like this:

With the following:


7) All you need to do is match the Text box name in your replacement code with the existing one.
In the above example it is: allinone_right_text and smallbiz_allinone_right_text


8) Repeat for each textbox. Any “Video” text box is by default HTML mode.

9) Delete the TinyMCE code – Save and Upload the file.



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