Setting Up Recurring Payments


Topics Covered in this Session:


  • The Advantage of recurring payments
  • Recurring payment profiles key points
  • What kind of Paypal Account do I need
  • Step by Step Walkthrough of setting up a recurring payments profile

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Please watch the recording above first!

Quote of the Session: Make it easy for your customers to give you money!!!



Recurring payment profiles from your customers perspective

Recurring payments are ideal for offering monthly service packages to your clients.

Customers expect convenient and flexible payment options that allow them to use Credit Card, Checking Account E-checks or Paypal.


Recurring payment profiles from your (the merchant) perspective:

No more late payments, lost checks or costly invoicing processes.

By setting up recurring payments, you will enjoy the benefits of automated payment alerts and reminders, customers can avoid late payments and merchants can enjoy a steadier, more controlled and increased cash flow.

In addition, recurring payments eliminates the need to continually send paper invoices and checks, saving on paper and postage costs and streamlining the process even further.


Recurring payment profiles key points

  • Set up timed credit card transactions
  • Build fully flexible schedules (any period of days, weeks or months)
  • Automated control and actions for declined transactions
  • Automated control and actions for automatic retries
  • Automated Email invoices to your customer


What options are there to setup recurring payment profiles

Stripe, Getdpd,, Merchant Accounts etc…etc…
You have many great options when it comes to billing and setting up payment profiles. Keep in mind though that some are more complex than others and if you are using a provider the “Integrates” with Paypal you might as well use Paypal directly. Watch the recording above for more details and opinions.

Remember One Golden Rule: Make it easy for your customers to give you money!!!

When using Paypal spell out on your checkout page that customers do not need a Paypal account. Every Paypal buy button option allows a customer to use a Credit Card or CheckCard without having a Paypal account.


What Paypal account do I need?

All you need is a “standard” free Paypal account. You do not need Paypal Pro etc that has monthly fees to get going.


A Step-by-Step Walkthrough

The following is the fastest and easiest way to create a recurring payment profile button and link for your website or to be used in an email to your customer.

You can create “one off” checkout links to email to your customers. Or you can create multiple buttons for your package and service offerings on your website.

For Example you could have three packages that you offer and create three checkout buttons:
— Button A) Reputation Management $45/ month
— Button B) Reputation and SEO package $125/ month
— Button C) Reputation, SEO and Content package $500/ month

#1) Create a standard free Paypal account and log in.



#2) Click on the ‘Merchant Services’ button followed by clicking on “Create Payments buttons…” icon.



#3) Click the “Create a button” icon.



#4) Make sure to choose “Subscriptions” from the dropdown and complete the form with your pricing etc.



#5) Select the “Website” tab to get a graphic button. Or select the “Email” tab to get a text link – which you can also use to href hyperlink any custom checkout or buy button graphic you may want to use.



#6) Toggle your WordPress Page into “Text” mode (aka HTML mode) and paste the code for the button.



#7) Or use the text link – which you can also use to href hyperlink any custom checkout or buy button graphic you may want to use.



#8) Example of text link, default Paypal button and custom button which is linked using the text link


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