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What are the steps to set my own WordPress Page as Homepage



Important: Before you get Started

1) Under no circumstances delete, change or create a new “Home” page found under your pages listing!


2) Do not create a second Page called “Home” – see Step 1 below.




Step 1 – Creating your new Page

1) Log into WordPress
2) Create a new Page (Pages -> Add New)
3) Name your page “Welcome” (do not name it “Home”)
4) Note: The Page must use the “Default Page” Template.
5) Publish the new page.
6) Check you website – make sure the page shows up


Step 2 – Setting your new page as homepage

1) Go to “Appearance” -> “SmallBiz Options”
2) Select the ‘Welcome” page from the Custom Homepage drop-down



Optional Step 3 – If you are using the Custom Menu Builder…

1) Go to “Appearance” -> “Menus”
2) If you already have a Menu you can leave it set as using “Home” for your homepage.
3) if you are building a new Menu make sure to drag the “Home” page into your menu – do not drag the ‘Welcome’ page.

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