Replacing the ‘Lite’ SmallBiz Theme Version


– Don’t worry – You will not lose your existing pages or posts during this process!

– If you have a lot of work in your site already consider making a Backup just in case.

Here is the SmallBiz Theme in case you have not downloaded it already [click here to download] Make sure the Zip file stays zipped up while downloading.

1) Log into WordPress

2) Go to “Appearance” -> “Themes”

3) Activate one of the WordPress default themes in order to de-activate the SmallBiz Theme

4) Delete the pre-installed SmallBiz Theme (Don’t miss this step!)

5) Click the “Install Themes” tab (upper right)

6) Click the “Upload” link.

7) “Browse” to your Zip File and Click “Upload”

8) Click “Activate”.

9) You will be forwarded to the SmallBiz Options Panel.


We are glad to do the above steps for you – simply email us at




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