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#1) Launch Your Own Successful Business - Be Your Own Boss


#2) Create Compelling Websites

In this class you will learn how to build a complete small business website using WordPress and the SmallBiz WordPress theme. We will show you how to install and use WordPress, how to customize the look and feel, the basics of on-page search engine optimization, and how to set up and optimize Local Profiles for Small Businesses.

  1. Introduction to WordPress & Creating Your Website
  2. Using WordPress
  3. Customizing Your Website (using the SmallBiz Original Theme)
  4. Customizing Your Website (using the SmallBiz Dynamic Theme)
  5. Advanced Customization and SEO
  6. Security – Keep Hackers Out
  7. Images for your Website – What you need to know.
  8. Interactive Custom Google Maps
  9. Introduction to Inspect Element
  10. Mobile Devices and Local Search
  11. Considerations when choosing a WP Theme
  12. Bonus Session: Backing up your WordPress Site (FREE to WATCH)


#3) Master WordPress - Complete WordPress Beginner Video Series

The video series can be viewed as standalone or together with the Building and Customizing your WordPress website classes. The videos below apply to all WordPress Themes – not only to the SmallBiz Theme.


#4) Be The SEO Guru! Search Engine Optimization and Local Profiles

In this course we go in-depth on local search engine optimization and teach you our proven “Circle of Trust” method of obtaining top search results. We also share tools and templates that you can use for your own business and clients.

  1. Optimizing Your Website
  2. Content Strategy
  3. Local Profiles and Reviews
  4. Local Citations and Building Backlinks
  5. Using Video to gain additional Page One rankings
  6. How to get Multi Location Businesses to Rank (FREE to WATCH)
  7. Update: Google+ merges with Google Local Places
  8. Google+ Local with Mike Blumenthal
  9. Google’s “My Business” Initiative.
  10. Mobile Devices and Local Search


#5) Online Reputation Management and -FREE

Online Reviews are an important factor for local search. Reviews affect Ranking, Click throughs, Conversions and give any business a Competitive advantage.


#6) Become A Trusted Advisor & The 4 Pillars

Small businesses need to stop thinking in terms of a website, and instead of their overall Web Presence. Your web presence includes your Website, Blog, Social Media footprint and Mobile reach.


#7) Become The Social Media Expert


#8) Create Followers and Subscribers with Your Email List

Email, when done properly is even more effective than social media. In this class we show you how to build your email list and create ongoing relationships with your clients that bring new business.

  1. Introduction to Building Your Email List
  2. More List Building Tricks & Email Autoresponder
  3. Offering Email List Set-up as a Service
  4. Follow Up Auto-Responder
  5. Bonus Session: Email List Re-loaded – Where is yours?


#9) Increase Your Website Traffic With Content Marketing

Content marketing subscribes to the notion that delivering high-quality, relevant and valuable information to prospects and customers.

  1. Content Marketing – The Future of SEO
  2. Create & Content Plan
  3. Distribute & Engage
  4. Solve your content problem with Podcasts


#10) Generate Additional Income With Affiliate Marketing

If you have a Web site or blog and are looking for a way to earn income from your website consider affiliate marketing.

  1. Introduction to Affiliate Marketing
  2. ThinkTank Affiliate Conference and Twitter Pro Tips
  3. Join our Affiliate Program – Earn $75 for each SmallBiz Theme sold


#11) The PhysicalWeb - iBeacons - Eddystone

The Physical Web Project is the definition of a standard that promises one day every device can be accessible by its own unique address.

  1. Introduction to the Physical Web, iBeacons, Eddystone and captive Wifi Portals
  2. Bots 101 and FB Messenger Codes


#12) Podcasting 101

Podcasting is an easy and powerful way to communicate your ideas and messages. Many Site owners will attest that Podcasting drives more traffic to their sites than other more hyped methods such as Social Media.

  1. Podcasting – What it is and why you should care!
  2. Recording and Publishing your Podcast
  3. Solve your content problem with Podcasts


#13) Foursquare Checkin - Your Business Opportunity

Foursquare represents a unique opportunity not only for business owners, but for consultants who are helping small business owners. We go into practical methods for helping new clients in this class.

  1. Foursquare the Opportunity
  2. Foursquare Profiles and Specials
  3. Foursquare Checklist and Proposal


#14) Build An iPhone | Android | Windows | Phone App

Mobile is here and it’s getting more and more important! Today = 15% of all searches come from mobile devices. By 2015 = 90%! of all searches will come from mobile devices. Learn about the difference between Mobile Enabled Websites and Mobile Apps. Plus build your own App in 5+ hours.


#15) Expand2Web Expert Training Live Q&A's and Guest Speakers



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