3. Social Media for Small Business

In this course, we’ll help you design a simple and effective online marketing architecture including your blog, Facebook Page, Twitter, and YouTube Channel.

We’ll show you why your website should be the “hub” of your online activity, and how to set it up to “feed” your other social channels.

Your Website as a Social Media Hub

Your Website as a Social Media Hub

Learn how to:

Set up and optimize a Facebook Page for your business

Set up and optimize a YouTube Channel for your business

Set up and optimize Twitter for your business.

Make your blog the hub of your social media footprint, automatically feeding your social media sites with your content.

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1. Building a Community with Your Blog, FB & Twitter

  • How does this all fit into the big picture to create a community?
  • What creates a compelling and effective blog?
  • The importance of new fresh and unique content
  • Facebook Page best practices for getting results
  • How to use the RSS capability of your WordPress blog to update your social media services automatically when you publish new content

2. Setting up and optimizing your Youtube Channel

  • How to create and optimize your YouTube Channel
  • How to optimize your video titles and descriptions
  • Drive traffic to your website from your YouTube videos
  • How to create a slideshow video from photos
  • Embedding Videos on your blog or website

3. Setting up a Facebook Page and Ad Campaign

  • How to set up a Facebook Page like this for your business
  • The three tabs every Facebook business page should have
  • The difference between your Facebook Profile and your Facebook Page
  • How to set a custom Welcome page for new visitors
  • Setting up the Facebook Places page for your business

4. Setting up Twitter for your business

  • How to set up your Twitter account and register it in local directories
  • How to use Twitter to connect with your prospects and customers

5. Social Media Trends

  • Location Based Services: Foursquare, Gowalla, Yelp and now Facebook Places
  • Online Reviews
  • Google Me

What You’ll Get

  • A complete, two week course, delivered online live and recorded
  • Full access to our member discussion forums
  • Direct access to Expand2Web WordPress, SEO and Social Media experts during the training and live Q&A sessions

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Don, Thomas and Randy – your friendly Expand2Web team!

p.s. There is also a Self-Paced version of this course available immediately for members.

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