Updating to SmallBiz Version 2.4


If you are using the latest version of WordPress and have lost the ability to edit your homepage text or use the visual text editor widget then please update your SmallBiz Theme to the latest version which is 2.4.

The issue of the non working editor is caused by an older version of the TinyMCE editor within WordPress.


You have two options for updating your theme.

Option 1) Recommended for Everyone.
Update the entire theme by following the Step-by-Step instructions found here.

Option 2) Recommended only for the WordPress Expert with FTP experience.
If you do not wish to upgrade the entire theme you can just replace the “Functions.php” file and “widgets” folder of the theme.

To do so download the latest theme version and unzip the file. Next access your WP install via FTP and replace the “Functions.php”.

Next look for the “widgets” folder and replace the existing widgets folder with the new one. Clear your browser cache before checking your results.

Optional: Update the theme version number in your style.css file. All you need to do is change the digit from 2.x to 2.4


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