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The topics below will get you started on installing and customizing the SmallBiz WordPress Theme.

This theme is ideal for DIY Smallbiz Owners and Consultants who wish to build Websites for clients
without needing to know how to code their own themes.

Our Goal is to help you Succeed - We offer personal email support!!!
No posting in forums - no support tickets needed - no waiting for other users to reply.

If you have any questions email us right now at

Additional Getting Started with SmallBiz Resources

You can download a printable PDF version of the "Getting Started with SmallBiz Guide". (right click and "Save As")

Watch a Complete Walkthrough Video of the SmallBiz Options Panel

I've never used WordPress...

The SmallBiz Theme is a WordPress Template that adds powerful features to your basic WordPress install. If you have never used WordPress please watch the Beginner Video Series. Topics include: how to create Pages, Posts, upload images etc.

WordPress Beginner Video Series | How to Write the "Perfect" Blog Post by Expand2Web.

General Homepage Layout Specific Questions

Options for creating your own Layout(s)

Setting a WordPress Page as your Homepage

Squeeze (aka Sales or Opt-in) Pages with no Menu

Slider Widget - Opening image in same window

For Questions email: