WordPress 3.9 and PHP 5.x Updates



WordPress has released a new version called “3.9.x” which introduces a variety of changes. Many hosting providers are updating their hosting accounts to a newer version of PHP as well. Both of the listed changes may require you to update your SmallBiz Theme.


Free Updates and Personal Email Support for Full Version Theme Customers:

If you have purchased the full version of the SmalLBiz theme please log into the:
Customer Theme Download Area.

Please email support@expand2web.com if you have not yet registered for the theme download area and let us know the email address you used to purchase the theme.

Not a full version customer yet? Click here to see what you are missing.


Free Lite / Locked Version Customer:

Our limited time Lite version partnership with Bluehost and SimpleScripts has ended. The Lite version is no longer available.

Option 1) Switch to a different free theme included with WordPress or your hosting provider

Option 2) We are glad to offer a 20% discount to upgrade to the full version of SmallBiz here:http://www.smallbiztheme.com/. Use the following Coupon code upon checkout: SMALLBIZ20D

(Make sure the Zip file stays zipped. Especially if you are on a Mac)

Follow our Upgrade Step-by-Step Guide: [Click Here]



I am not sure if I have the “Full Version” or the “Lite – Locked Version”

1) Log into WordPress

2) Go to “Appearance -> SmallBiz Options”

– The Lite version has only 1 Layout to choose from called “Classic”.
– The Full Version has 12 Layouts to choose from.

– The Lite version has only 3 header graphics and no option to upload your own Header Graphic
– The Full version has 12 header graphics (+36 to download) and you can upload your own

– The Lite version has Mobile Detection and Facebook disabled
– The Full version does have Mobile and Facebook Options



If you still have problems with the Visual Editor after Upgrading you can install this plugin: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/use-google-libraries/



Email us if you have questions: support@expand2web.com


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